Thursday, May 14, 2009

Austin Roots Fashion Show

The Austin Roots Fashion show was held at Ruta Maya Coffee House on a steamy evening in May. It featured the work of local Austin designers and an enthusiastic group of models.


  • Tobey Clayton

  • Melanie Rose

  • Yvonne Scott

  • Felicia Kent

  • Angela Peace

  • Erin Young

  • Shannon Smith

  • Sarai Lorrane

  • Kelly Falgout

  • Rene

  • Christine Stout

Clothing by Toby Clayton

Clothing by Melanie Rose (Left), and Yvonne Scott (Center and Right)

Clothing by Yvonne Scott

Clothing by Yvonne Scott (Left) and Felicia Kent (Center and Right)

Clothing by Angela Peace (Right) and Erin Young (Left)

Clothing by Sarai Lorrane

Clothing by Sarai Lorrane (Left) and Christine Stout (Right)

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